How to stop event handler recursion

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  1. The only way to disable event firing is using DisableEventFiring() and EnableEventFirigin()

    Nothing else, SystemUpdate() is used for different things.

    • Thank you Mukul for your comment, yeah I know SystemUpdate() is used for different things, In my sample code I have used update method for specific requirement but main point here is DisableEventFiring() and EnableEventFirigin() method.

  2. Well, and how to disable EventHandling outside Event Receiver? For example inside Workflow?

  3. Hi Mate,

    This worked for me when I needed to disableeventfiring from a webpart.

    Try creating a class like the below

    class HandleEventFiringInWebPart : SPItemEventReceiver

    public void AccDisableEventFiring()

    public void AccEnableEventFiring()


    then in the custom workflow action\ custom workflow\ webpart or wherever your executing the code from, create an instane of the object like so …

    HandleEventFiringInWebPart oEventRecieverHandler = new HandleEventFiringInWebPart();

    Then to disableeventfiring just exceute the method just before the code updates whatever list you need to like so ..

    //Need to disable event firing in the thread before attempting to update or add items


    ALWAYS REMEMBER to re-enable after you have finshed updating your list.

    I always do this by throwing it in the finally section like so …


    //Make usre you reanble events firing in thread, after it has finished doing it’s stuff

    Kudos to whatever articles I ripped this off.

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