Error occurred while starting of workflow (Could not load file or assembly Load Workflow Assembly System.IO.FileNotFoundException)

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I have moved to new site and here is new article link from where you can post comments/feedback.

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4 Responses

  1. I had also fall into the same error for me the reason is the the publickeytoken specified in the workflow.xml is different than the one in the gac for the same assembly. As soon i changed the Publickeytoken in the workflow.xml to the same as in the gac it started working like a charm. May be this will be helpful for future refrence.

    • Yes Aniket, that’s correct, I also found that publickeytoken is one of the reason for this type of error, your point will be helpful, thanks buddy !!

  2. Very nice point of how small mistakes cause big problems.

    In the last line of your post “After removing extra DLL word from the file, my workflow was worked fine. So be careful while making workflow.dll file.”
    I think you want to write workflow.xml instead of .dll… right?

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