How to find GUID of SharePoint list

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  1. If I may add, first, Sanket, thank you for this bit of info. I just ran into a situation where I need to know the GUID of a list and I knew it would be somewhere, but your post sent me right to it.

    Second, I was about to ask “where on the page in audience settings can the list guid be found” when I looked closer at what you said and realized that you are saying “once you are on the audience page, look UP at the URL of where you are now, that the current ADDRESS will have the guid of the list, IT’S NOT THE PAGE”

    I hope that this info, combining it with Sanket’s info, will help a developer under a crunch find the desired GUID, and not miss it thinking it was bad info, or did not apply to their WSS/MOSS install for some reason.

    • Thank you very much Steven for your information and correcting me, I have changed my post contents as per your response, thanks!!!

  2. hey good post…

  3. Go to List Settings–>Information Management Policy Settings —-> In URL copy the text in Braces({}).

    Your URL will be

    So the GUID of List is 552bef05-b62c-4c76-a217-35e85a1507f1

  4. Why don’t you just download and install Stramit viewer? – This is far the easiest way of establishing the GUID of any list / view.

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